See you next year! Holiday Hours

Saturday, December 24th, 2016

Mtn Fruit Staff

Mountain Fruit Folklore Centre will be closed from now, Christmas Eve till Tuesday Jan 10th, 2017 to allow for inventory. The Mtn Fruit staff wish you ease and peace spent with loved ones every day! And Christmas too!

We’ll see you in the New Year, it’s been a pleasure helping with musical journeys and we really do appreciate the support!


Octave Violin Conversion

Here’s a really fun and interesting experiment inspired in part by the mandolin’s larger cousin the Octave Mandolin. We took a 16″ Viola and set it up with special strings from Sensicore to be played in GDAE tuning an octave below a standard violin. The result is a very robust and rich cello-like timbre that is nothing short of satisfying. An excellent choice for accompaniment, regular fiddle music and fingerings can be used and will sound an octave down.

You can expect to see some further experimentation in this realm from us in the near future. As a broad spectrum of timbre and responsiveness is available by playing with string guage, string length, body size, rosin and bow selection. Who has time to be bored?


Small Glories – Wondrous Traveler

The Small Glories is a prime example of incredible synergy! JD Edwards and Cara Luft contrast and compliment each other beautifully. Their first full length album, Wondrous Traveler, brimming with top-notch musicianship, tight vocal harmonies and tasteful arrangements, is not to be missed. The songwriting stirs something ancient in the soul and echoes of the North American folk tradition. Every song on the album strikes home; bold, gutsy, honest, and unabashedly human. This duo command the ability to whirl you into the throws of wild dervish one moment, and then knock you (gently) to the ground with a tender, heart-rending ballad the next.
Guided by the over-riding spirit of fun and lust for life, here are true masters of the craft!

Visit them at

You can buy Wondrous Traveler, as well as their self-titled EP, in store at Mountain Fruit Folklore.


External Stereo Mic for iPhone

To break through today’s competitive music scene you’ve got to have a video that looks and sounds great. Tailored to recording performances for Youtube, the iTrack Pocket is a handy little device that serves as an external stereo microphone and camera stand for an iPhone. It is tailored towards recording musical performances and comes with a free app that allows some minimal effects and mastering, and will upload straight to Youtube. It also includes an individual input to plug in your guitar or another instrument. You simply plug your phone into the iTrack Pocket, place your phone on the stand and hit record.


I Like to Wrap!

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

oldthumbwrapThis old thumwrap is done, obviously!

reoldersilverSilver wire after anchoring the end in a matching hole and resoldering.

newwrapCutting some new kangaroo leather with a straight razor. Measurements and tapers must be exact for a clean look.

clampingwrapAnd here’s how we clamp this tricky glue job for thumb wraps.

finishedwrapThat’s a wrap!