Custom pickup installs!

Sunday, August 6th, 2017

Here are a few examples of pick up installs that required some problem solving.

In the photo to the left we see a K&K pure mini installed in a 12 string guitar that has a JLD bridge doctor attached. K&K does make a 12 string p/u but the transducers are so large that it’s not feasible to install correctly in this scenario. Chamfering the edge of the bridge doctor block where it contacts the bridge plate allows the installation of the middle transducer of the pure mini to be fully on the bridge plate. The pure mini is a totally acceptable substitution for pure 12 when this obstacle is present.

In the photo below we see a K&K banjo twin with a custom cable guide to keep the pickup leads from going microphonic when contacting the banjos coordinator rods. Using the existing nuts and rod was a nice solution as it meant we didn’t have to alter the pot in any way.

And lastly we have a K&K mandolin twin internal installed in an Octave Mandolin. The real challenge with oval hole instruments in the mandolin family is I can’t get my hand inside the instrument to position the transducers. The solution is to mark out where they need to go and secure the transducer to powerful magnets then position inside via a steel rod. The final guide into exact location is where the attracting magnet is placed on the outside of the instrument. If you have a challenging install you’d like us solve give us a call!


Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele

Not all Ukuleles are created equally. Many of us have encountered the all-plastic toys that sit on top of the piano, impossible to tune, sounds like playing a wet noodle attached to a cardboard box.

The builders over at Cordoba are putting out some very musical ukes, aesthetically pleasing, easy to play, they intonate properly, hold their tuning.
This is their very beautiful 25C, Concert Ukulele in solid Acacia Wood. A very warm, clear, and inviting tone. With the great diversity of each specimen of Acacia, every one of these ukes is uniquely beautiful.
Bone Nut and Saddle

Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge

Aquila Nylgut strings

Can’t you just imagine yourself on stage with this beauty?



Local New Denver act Freya (Martine Denbok on violin and Noel Fudge on guitar) has just released their first CD and it’s just what the doctor ordered.
Freya compose original pieces for violin and guitar. The music is fresh and innovative, drawing from Celtic and Folk roots, tugging on those timeless heartstrings that are anchored so deeply in so many of us. The CD is very well produced, clarity and volume are superb. Hat’s off to Martine and Noel.
A must have for any Kootenay music library!


Blackstar 1w Tube Amp

Mountain Fruit Folklore is proud to announce that we are now carrying Backstar amplifiers.

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about this little 1W tube amp. (Isn’t bigger better??)
But the tone on this amp is definitely nothing to sneeze at. Volume-wise it would be more geared towards practice and recording, although it would work for live performance if you mic’d it up and put it through the mains.

One thing I do love about this amp is the simplicity. Clean Channel/Dirty Channel, Volume, Gain, and Tone. No bells, no whistles, no reverb or other effects. Just pure, crisp, warm tube tone.  Still nothing compares to good old, dependable tubes. While there have been leaps and bounds made in the realm of digital amps, you have to spend a lot more money for a comparable tone, And they almost always have that digital edge to them, which can sometimes be dialled down with some knob-twiddling. In my experience tube amplifiers tend to sound good no matter where you set the dials. Don’t take my word for it! Come on down and test them out.


Soundport with magnetic door

Sunday, August 6th, 2017

Here’s a soundport I added to a clients Yamaha classical. With the door off the player receives a boost in volume and hears or experiences  more of the guitars voice that is directed out the main sound hole towards an audience. The door can also be left on to keep the sound projection as it was which can be helpful when playing in a group and listening for everyones levels. Soundports are not a gimmick, they can definitely enhance the players experience, almost like a natural monitor. As with many advancements they were developed by hand builders and are now showing up in a few commercial instruments, along with arm bevels!