Freya – California Poppy

Saturday, May 28th, 2016

There is gold in these hills! Cultural gold, artistic gold, creative gold. Noel Fudge and Martine Denbok are just two examples of our many local treasures. Both are musical performers, composers and instructors living in New Denver. They perform together as Freya and we were fortunate enough to have them here at Mountain Fruit Folklore Centre. Here’s their performance and interview, exclusively, Live from the Pew!

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teton parlour

Teton Ebony and Sitka Spruce Parlour STP180DVB

Teton has done a remarkable job hitting the price point on this one. The solid sitka spruce top and 12-fret neck join, along with the ebony (laminate) back and sides make for a very appealing instrument, both tonally and visually. Not to mention a bit of bling with the abalone rosette around the sound hole. I think you’d be hard pressed to find another parlour of this quality for anywhere near this price. The bass-response on the STP180DVB is remarkable for a body this small, due largely to the 12-fret body design and excellent tone wood selection, without any compromise to the upper register. A great choice for the detailed finger-style player.

 I just can’t get over how beautiful those blonde/rosey streaks in the ebony are.

Full specs here



Tenise Marie – Oxygen

Tenise is a Kootenay girl through and through. I’ve always felt that the place a person lives influences their music in ways they can’t control. Here are songs that evoke a sense of quiet peace, and beauty not without strength or wisdom. In short, everything that North Kootenay Lake means to me. Tenise’s songwriting has a way of bringing you in from the wild, her stunningly clear voice is a soothing comfort against the hardships of the world, like a cup of tea and a book by the fire on a dark rainy night.

Tenise is a trained musician and graduate from Selkirk College. This all original album is an excellent example what a person can accomplish with the skills and knowledge to nourish their inherent spark of creativity into a roaring flame.

Very well produced and executed. 4 and a half stars!


baroque bow button repair

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

baroque bow missing buttonThis bow accompanied a tenor viola da gamba that that came thru the shop. The button had long since cracked and disappeared.



Turning the new button out of brazil wood on my mini lathe.

turning new button

New button installed true on the old shaft.

Installed on shaft

Completed repair and a functioning bow again.

completed button