Freya Performs a Track From their New Album

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

The local talent in this area never ceases to amaze us! Noel Fudge and Martine Denbok are beautiful songwriters, composers, and private music teachers based out of New Denver. Take a moment. Set everything else aside. Take a listen to this beautiful track from their new album, which can be purchased here in store at Mountain Fruit Folklore. All proceeds go to the artist.
Learn more about Freya and their music at

Go to our Youtube channel Mountain Fruit Folklore Centre to hear another song from the new album performed on Octave Violin! Along with a wealth of other incredible performances, Live! From the Pew!


Solid-Top 12-String Guitar by Teton

Here at Mountain Fruit we have been counting on Teton for a number of our price-point models. To find solid-top instruments of this quality and in this price range used to be almost unheard of! Very little is compromised in terms of the build, and the fit and finish of their guitars. This twelve-string dreadnought is no exception, very playable with a rich and grand voice. 

An Interesting feature is the JLD Bridge Doctor (also called a Bridge Truss), a recognized tone-enhancing device that can be found in a number of higher end instruments such as Breedlove out of Oregon. This is attached under the bridge, inside the guitar and can be likened to the sound post found in the violin family of instruments. The difference is absolutely noticeable


Small Glories – Wondrous Traveler

The Small Glories is a prime example of incredible synergy! JD Edwards and Cara Luft contrast and compliment each other beautifully. Their first full length album, Wondrous Traveler, brimming with top-notch musicianship, tight vocal harmonies and tasteful arrangements, is not to be missed. The songwriting stirs something ancient in the soul and echoes of the North American folk tradition. Every song on the album strikes home; bold, gutsy, honest, and unabashedly human. This duo command the ability to whirl you into the throws of wild dervish one moment, and then knock you (gently) to the ground with a tender, heart-rending ballad the next.
Guided by the over-riding spirit of fun and lust for life, here are true masters of the craft!

Visit them at

You can buy Wondrous Traveler, as well as their self-titled EP, in store at Mountain Fruit Folklore.


Cry Baby Wah-Wah Pedal

The world’s most renowned Wah-wah pedal has come to Mountain Fruit. This is the same pedal used by the greats from Eric Clapton and Eric Clapton to Adam Jones of metal band Tool. With it’s distinctive tone and heavy duty metal housing, this is an industry standard.


I Like to Wrap!

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

oldthumbwrapThis old thumwrap is done, obviously!

reoldersilverSilver wire after anchoring the end in a matching hole and resoldering.

newwrapCutting some new kangaroo leather with a straight razor. Measurements and tapers must be exact for a clean look.

clampingwrapAnd here’s how we clamp this tricky glue job for thumb wraps.

finishedwrapThat’s a wrap!