Kaslo Guitar Fest Student TJ

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

Here’s an excerpt from a beautiful performance done by TJ, a student of Kaslo’s 4th Annual GuitarFest. TJ is playing a 19th Century piece on this 19th Century replica by Instruments of Change, Jeremy Behn. The guitar was also used as part of the GuitarFest’s presentation at the Langham Theatre on the history of the classical guitar.  Jeremy presented his hand built 19th Century guitar replica alongside other 19th Century guitars that esteemed players and historians Daniel Bolshoy and Murray Visscher displayed and performed on.

Plans are available to build your own 19th Century Guitar here!


Octave Violin Conversion

Here’s a really fun and interesting experiment inspired in part by the mandolin’s larger cousin the Octave Mandolin. We took a 16″ Viola and set it up with special strings from Sensicore to be played in GDAE tuning an octave below a standard violin. The result is a very robust and rich cello-like timbre that is nothing short of satisfying. An excellent choice for accompaniment, regular fiddle music and fingerings can be used and will sound an octave down.

You can expect to see some further experimentation in this realm from us in the near future. As a broad spectrum of timbre and responsiveness is available by playing with string guage, string length, body size, rosin and bow selection. Who has time to be bored?


Tenise Marie – Oxygen

Tenise is a Kootenay girl through and through. I’ve always felt that the place a person lives influences their music in ways they can’t control. Here are songs that evoke a sense of quiet peace, and beauty not without strength or wisdom. In short, everything that North Kootenay Lake means to me. Tenise’s songwriting has a way of bringing you in from the wild, her stunningly clear voice is a soothing comfort against the hardships of the world, like a cup of tea and a book by the fire on a dark rainy night.

Tenise is a trained musician and graduate from Selkirk College. This all original album is an excellent example what a person can accomplish with the skills and knowledge to nourish their inherent spark of creativity into a roaring flame.

Very well produced and executed. 4 and a half stars!


Spider Capo

I’m really excited about this innovative new capo.

The Spider Capo allows you to individually capo some strings and leave others open. I had a chance to play around with it and was immediately baffled by the endless possibilities it opened. You can imitate open tunings with it, create interesting chords with novel open strings, you can play behind the capo on strings that you leave open, you can even change tunings in the middle of a performance. The way the Spider Capo’s fingers work you are actually capable of fine-tuning each string individually.

The capo itself weighs less than an ounce and the fingers can be easily reversed for use on a left handed guitar.

There are tons of possibilities that will open up for those willing to explore.


Violin Touch Up

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

IMG_0825This old violin suffered some varnish loss on each side of the lower bout on the back due to some form of shoulder rest abrasion.

IMG_0873With the base colour established layering varnish/colour begins with close attention to retaining the detail of summer/winter grain lines.

IMG_0875Getting close, light sanding between layers and reducing the table edge thru new colour to mimic natural wear.