Things You May Not Know

*Click here for a very brief overview of the Mtn Fruit!

*We have gift certificates! These can work quite well at Mtn Fruit for affordable accessories, (strings, capos, CD’s, etc.).

*At the moment Mtn Fruit is a one person show. Running the retail storefront (and all that entails) and the instrument repair bench (and all that entails) can result in some longer wait times than I would like. It is my goal to improve turnaround time on all instrument repairs and special product orders but until I am more than one there will be some wait times and I must extend heartfelt gratitude to all those that have waited patiently!

*As a busy repair shop I do have a selection of repair parts. You never know I may have something you need for your self-guided lutherie adventures.

*As Canadas smallest music shop I don’t have space to get everything on the floor (or time to put it all on the website) so please do ask, you never know, I may disappear into the back room and come out with what you are looking for.

*I try to keep a fairly comprehensive stock of accessories for violins of all sizes. This includes; rosin, bows, shoulder rests, chin rests, single strings, endpins, bridges, pegs, peg dope, polish, mutes, cases, case humidifiers, stands, wall hangers, tailpieces, some bow parts, etc.