A Person Who Cares About His Customers

Hi Jeremy! I wanted to write and thank you for making my recent purchase of the Eastman T-386 such a pleasant experience. You were extremely generous with your time on the phone with me as well as very helpful. It’s very obvious to me that you are a person who cares about his customers and it’s your nature to treat people with respect and kindness. I would not hesitate for a second to do business with you again in the future. It was a pleasure! I hope someday to visit your shop and meet you in person.

My go to place

I have the good fortune to pass through Kaslo several times a year. It’s on the way to one of my favorite places in The Kootenays. A few years back a friend told me about a cool little music shop in Kaslo. I’d probably driven by it ,unaware, a number of times. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot when I finally stopped in. How could such a small town support a music store of any real quality in terms of stock or repairs. At least I thought I’d maybe found a place to buy strings in my travels. When you own 4 to 7 guitars according to what day it is you go through some strings. I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be a very fine shop where in the 3 years that I’ve been stopping in I’ve bought a couple of fine mandolins, I’ve sold a couple of high end acoustic guitars ( for the price I wanted ) I’ve had quality work done on a couple of other guitars, bought a couple of good quality violin bows and recently had a very nice, good quality bridge put on my violin along with getting the sound post adjusted. To date I’ve had nothing but satisfaction with Jeremy’s work in the Luthier department. It’s come to be my go to place for pretty much all my musical needs & happily so. Banjos guitars mandolins violins dulcimers dobros, there’s a great selection of quality instruments. I don’t know what I’d do without them! 

A True Craftsman

“I took my guitar to Jeremy for a small playability problem. He diagnosed the primary issue as an incorrect neck angle. We discussed all the options and I made the decision to have it corrected. With the changes he made, this guitar went from hanging on the wall to my main instrument. He is so meticulous that he did not stop until it was perfect for the way I play. A true craftsman.”

What a Treasure!

“What a treasure to stumble upon while on the road! A true folklore centre, reminiscent of the old Toronto Folklore and Ottawa Folklore Centres. A great selection/collection of guitars and other fretted instruments and a truly gracious, knowledgeable and helpful man of many talents manning the shop.”


Sounds so Beautiful

My violin sounds so beautiful I’ve been playing it all morning. I think moving the soundpost really opened the sound and I’m really happy with the way the bridge sounds.

Again, thank you so much, I was worried about getting my violin back and it sounding completely different with the new bridge but it really sounds great and I’m so incredibly happy with it!!

Such a Pleasure

Buying a new guitar at Jeremy’s shop was such a pleasure for me. Being a beginner player, I was far too intimidated to go into a big city music store and just start playing guitars.

Jeremy made me feel comfortable and had a great range of instruments for me to try out. His knowledge is extensive and I am confident that I bought a really great product. Now I’m very happily making and sharing music.

Thanks Jeremy

“I’ve been in a lot of music shops in the last 40 years and one of the best things about Mountain Fruit Folklore Centre in Kaslo is Jeremy’s attention to detail and his devotion to ensuring his customers are happy.  He’s worked on my guitars a couple of times and he makes sure that whatever it is I need done, will be done.  His shop is well stocked and if I need something he doesn’t have he gets it in straight away. We are so lucky to have Jeremy right here in little Kaslo. Thanks Jeremy!”