We are offering all fractional sizes thru to 4/4 for rent, lease to purchase and purchase with buy back option.

These outfits have a case, bow, rosin and are in good playing condition. The majority of the rentals are Eastman VL 100’s but I am always searching for the best value and may have other makes and qualities from time to time.

Rental for violins is monthly, $30/mo up to 1/2 size and $35/mo for 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4. If at any time you decide you want to purchase, 50% of your rental payments will be applied to the purchase price of the violin. This applies to new instruments only.



We have one Kata 4/4 cello available for rental at $45/month. Rental includes a case, bow and rosin.

This is a rental only instrument  however, as with any other rental, if you decide to purchase a cello through us after renting we will apply 50% of your rental payments to the purchase of a new cello.

Sound System


Lucas Nano 608i from HK Audio. 460 Watts, Subwoofer plus two satellite speakers and speakon cables.


4 x 1/4″/XLR inputs, 2 x 1/4″ jacks, Stereo RCA/3.5mm Aux in and Bluetooth capabilities. Can be remotely controlled via iPad. Rental cost is $75/day, with additional charges for microphone ($20/day base-line model) and mic cable ($10/day base-line model)


The monthly payments are the same as rentals but the instrument price increases by 15%. 100% of your lease payments go to any change of instrument that you want or need to pursue, ie; size change for a child who grows out of their current size, or, a change in instrument quality.

Their will be a minimum upgrade/change fee of $50 when this occurs plus any heavy wear and tear or damage costs must be assessed as well, ie: broken strings or a crack, etc. Minor wear and tear will be covered in the $50 fee, ie; general cleaning, very small dings or scratches, etc.