CONSIGNMENT CRITERIA: There are many decent quality instruments hiding in attics or in need of one simple repair. Our goal is to get these instruments into the hands of folks who will play them and who appreciate a good deal on a used instrument. We are currently open to taking all types of musical instruments on consignment. The instrument must be in reasonable playing condition before we will display it. If it is not, the necessary repairs to make it so must be carried out and paid for (if we do them) before we will display it in our store. We take a 25% fee from the sale price of the instrument upon sale of the instrument. This fee is reduced to 20% for instruments over $1,000. We reserve the right to return or refuse a sellers instrument at any time if it is in the stores best interest to do so. We assume full responsibility for a sellers instrument while it is in our care.

Handmade Strumstick

A “Strumstick” or as the builder of this one called his a “Strumjo”, is an adaptation of the Appalachian lap dulcimer. It is a simple yet charming instrument with only three strings (tuned GDG) and fewer frets than our friends the guitar and ukulele. What this does is take away the possibility of playing a wrong note. You’ve only got notes that are in the scale. Whew! The downside of this, and of course there’s a downside, is that the instrument is restricted to playing almost exclusively in the key of G major. Although by creatively avoiding certain notes and highlighting others you could pull off D and C major.

It is an excellent starting point for children or people with no musical background who want to bring a little music into their lives. Also it’s light, compact design make it an excellent choice for the musician-on-the-go not wanting to take their Vintage Guild or Martin camping or hitchhiking. And the extremely adventurous can explore retuning the high string to access all sorts of different scales. for example dropping the high string one whole step allows for playing in minor keys.


Gorgeous Morgan Acoustic Steel String OM

Another stunning Morgan guitar on consignment! This guitar was hand-built in Vancouver BC. Superb attention to detail has been put into every aspect of this fine instrument. It has a solid sitka spruce top and South American mahogany back and sides. A fitted hardshell case is included.

“Overture” Black Hammered Dulcimer

The Overture is a three octave hammer dulcimer with a soundboard and back made from Finland Birch. The model we have in stock is finished with a black lacqeur

This package includes: Hammers, Tuning Wrench, Table Leg, Instruction Manual, Padded Bag and Note guide strips.

(Natural Finish pictured)

beginners flute

Making flutes and piccolos since 1931 the Armstrong brand has been a standard brand for over 75 years. One of the most used brands for school band programs and the first flute of many a beginner, the family legacy of the Armstrong family lives on. Flute Specialists proudly promotes their flutes for those seeking a sturdy and reliable instrument that is affordably priced. This flute was made in Elkhart, Indiana and is in good condition. 

1/8 Hofmann outfit

Reasonable entry level outfit with fibreglass bow. Decent condition, could use a new bridge but completely playable,  good sound for the price. Daddario Helicore strings.

Frontalini 120 bass womens accordion

Simple well made Italian accordion. Frontalinis, per say, haven’t been made for many years and, like many other accordion makes, were absorbed into several other well known accordion companies in the Castelfidardo area of Italy, known as the international capital of accordion makers. It is playing decently but could use some new leathers for the bass notes. Good condition, no mold, case included.



2 1/2 octave Dusty Strings Hammered Dulcimer

great affordable beginner instrument

This is a used package consisting of:

• 2  1/2  octave dulcimer-Finland birch laminated top and back

• Black chipboard case

• Tuning wrench

• Owners guidebook

• 5″ Table leg

Absent from the original package is the 28″ sitting leg but I do have some in stock. Very good condition, this instrument package costs over $500 new!

1983 Washburn

Possibly a Hawk or Falcon from the Matsumoku factory. High output MMK pickups. This is a fun guitar with split coils on each humbucker giving some nice tonal options and great playability.

Used Cordoba 20BM Baritone Uke

This used Low-G Baritone Ukulele is in excellent condition, only out of the shop for a month before it was returned. Solid mahogany top, mahogany sides and back with a rosewood fingerboard. $225 with Cordoba padded gigabit.