Korg Contact Microphone

This clip-on mic is designed to fit the bell of any brass instrument. The piezo pickups vibration and sends it to a tuner, although not really intended to be used as a stage microphone it can be handy in situations that you are finding it difficult to tune in. Also works for a violin, guitar or ukulele.

Meridian Mic

Pickups are getting better but there is no comparison to putting your guitar in front of a half decent condenser mic. If you are attached to the sound of your guitar and want to come as close as you can to that sound when amplified the K & K Meridian Mic is the answer. Especially if you are wanting a solution that doesn’t require you to be motionless to maintain proximity to a mic on a stand. I wouldn’t recommend jumping around on stage with this mic but you will be able to move about without effecting your amplified volume. I found this mic to be very true to some of my favourite guitars in the shop.