Degas T/P Banjo

These 4 string banjos were intended, as I understand it, to be versatile. At 20 frets not a true 17 or 19 fret Tenor but also not a 22 fret Plectrum.

Theory being that one could tune it to either of the short scale tunings used in Irish music, GDAE or CGDA (also for Dixieland music) as well as a std Plectrum tuning of CGBE for traditional jazz.

Std aluminum pot of the Degas banjos which seems to produce good volume.

Can’t go wrong with this all rounder in good condition.

Gold Tone Cripple Creek 100R+

The ultimate starter  banjo;

Hard maple neck, rim, and convertible resonator.

Black binding on the neck and resonator.

Dual coordinator rods.

Curly maple headstock veneer.

Straightline tailpiece.

Brass tone ring.

2-way adjustable truss rod.

The “Plus” model includes upgraded features like a beautiful vintage brown finish, 24 bracket hooks, Gold Tone engraved armrest, and the upgraded GT Master planetary tuners featured on our most expensive models.